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SPUN: Righteous Recordings – Deptford Northern Soul Club – Fire – Earth
STAGED: William’s Green at Glastonbury – Goodwood’s 3FN – The White Stripes – The Fall
MAGAZINES: Underground – OffBeat – Ultrakill – MOJO – The Q List Of Lists

THE GONG SHOW: Awards for all at Q, MOJO and Kerrang!
Return To The Valley Of The Disco Zombies (click on the radicals to see more)
WILD PLANET: A Sounds’ column turned into a cassette label (click a diver to learn more)
JUNK SHOP GURU: One man’s rubbish is another man’s symphony (click on to learn more lessons of life)
OTHER: Fanzines, ill-advised record imprints, compact discs with paraphernalia, BUNK (press Bumper for more)