From skirmishes with Sharleen Spiteri to bad speeches and attire from Corey from Slipknot and that guy from Amorphous Androgynous; with toilet breaks along the way for Mr Spector and Mr Stipe; Bono’s cigar, Liam and Jagger and a fag, plus a room in the presence of Jack Black, Brian Wilson, The Gang Of Four, Sabbath, Ike, Johnny Vegas, Johnny Depp, The Shads and Sir Bradley Wiggins; the Q and Kerrang! Awards and the mighty MOJO Honours List were like nothing else.

Bimini and Milky from WARGASM, and Biffy Fucking Clyro – Kerrang! Awards 2022
Surfbort’s Dani presenting to WARGASM, Kerrang! Awards 2022
Shy, retiring Amy from Amyl And The Sniffers with her gong, Kerrang! Awards 2022
Bimini and Mimi Barks at the Kerrang! Awards 2022
And so to the Music Walk Of Fame – almost like Hollywood, with some attitude – the debut stone laying (click Pete to see more)
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