The record labels: Recent releases on Righteous and on Fire, ‘Pure Exotica’ and The Cramps’ ‘Lux And Ivy Dig Insane Rockabilly’, ‘Wild Sounds From And Overheated Jukebox’, plus the third volume of the Television Personalities’ series of albums focusing on their complete singles catalogue. Click on the images to read more.

The latest releases from Deptford Northern Soul Club
An epic licensing set with collaborations from Johnny Marr, Mary Hopkin, Bernard Butler, Danny Thompson, Altan and a cast of thousands…
First the wife leaves, then his dog gets run over, and then a letter dressed in black arrives…
Ancient sleeve design for a Plague 45, circa 1978 (?) Screen printed and still to be seen on the wall of Rough Trade West
April is for fools and Cramps’ fans
Diamond Days for Mary Lou Lord
An album for tea drinkers
Latest 45s from Deptford Northern Soul Club
More Crampsian shenanigans

Fire made this from a box of tapes
June 2021, just about to start work on a huge box of tapes from the estate of Tom Rapp

Deptford Northern Soul Club’s latest handful of 45s, click on the pre-order link to their site and see the hole shebang.

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